Foreign media predicts new trends in the sex industry in 2019 (Part I)

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Foreign media predicts new trends in the sex industry in 2019 (Part I)

The sex industry is constantly evolving, and sex toys have become as diverse as users. In order to attract more users and clients, sex toy manufacturers are thinking very hard to choose high-quality silicone materials, integrate multiple functions and apply new technologies. The purpose is to open the door to exploratory pleasure for users.

The role sex education is more and more important. It helps people to understand their own sexual needs and makes it logical to use sex toys as a healthy lifestyle. Today's developed network makes product descriptions no longer limited to manuals, a lot of more products use instructional videos to help consumers understand sex toys and guide them how to use them.

The director of strategy of VooDoo Toys mentioned: "The mainstream media today are not shy, we can see a lot of articles about masturbation and orgasm, such as how to use a vibrator to achieve orgasm, what are the benefits of orgasm, etc. The constant popularization is also a signal. When you see more and more ins celebrities sharing details of their lives. They show there many sex toys on the camera, which allow consumers to see the healthy side of sex toys. "

Deborah Semer, founder of Joyboxx, a company dedicated to solving the problem of storing sex toys, said in an interview: "In the context of the general lack of sexual health care, The People’s pressure on society is increasing the number of people who start trying to accept sex toys for pleasure and relaxation. Once people realize that physical health is not only simple and normal, the mental health and sexual health career will make breakthrough progress. You see, many people are trying sex toys to obtain sexual climax. "

Sex toy design trends 

With the fall of all kinds of classic simulation sex toys, more and more sex toys have begun to use pan-sexual design styles. Andy Green, president of Xgen Products, said: "Products that are not considered as sex toys even in the bedroom are becoming more and more popular to consumers.  This trend has been appeared a few years ago and it will be continued and more pronounced. "

According to Erin Worgan of BMS Factory, "Most People are appreciative of modern products which look more like a craft. Although traditionally shaped products are still selling well, when traditional manufacturers launch these products, Much of the emerging market is dominated by ergonomic products that emphasize specific functions to address the specific needs of users. "

Today's product designs are mostly ergonomic, but they are not meant for everyone. Sex manufacturers are also looking for more flexible designs and better materials that allow users to adjust to their own bodies. Adaptive sex toys are born in this context. It's smarter now to add accessories and packages, and let users choose their own accessories.

In addition to shape, consumers' preference for product color also changed, just like the popular color every year. Therefore, while improving the product's shape design, the sex manufacturer must also provide color matching and product packaging that conform to the personality of consumers. As far as the foreign market is concerned, the more extreme rainbow colors are becoming very popular, but the vibrant colors such as pink and purple are still the first choice for sex toys. Beautiful colors such as cyan and maroon can make products in the exhibition area eye striking. Worgan said that this year's product color will be more bright, such as lavender purple, lightning blue, bubble gum powder and other high-saturation color matching are very popular.

In the United States, we can see many products and marketing activities that are more neutral, but this trend is not obvious globally. In production and retail, the product sex industry is in California USA; this is a most diverse region in the United States, so in the production and promotion of products, try to avoid gender-specific words and pictures.

This is not the case globally. Like many European sex toys, the package will be labeled "MEN ONLY", which makes many people feel rejected or offended. But consumers have the right to decide whether to consume the product. Manufacturer normally mark gender restrictions on products, which is more like self-restriction.